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BordaTex brings operational awareness & insights through actionable IoT data, so hospital personnel can focus on patient care while managers can make insightful, data-driven decisions. Our Patient, Asset, Staff, Environment, and Textile solutions increase efficiency, advance patient experience, and enhance safety throughout the Nordics.

Increased Efficiency
+ Minimize human input in all operational processes.
+ Reduce months of asset counting operations to a day.
+ Minimize time loss in textile management and garment inventory counting.
+ Increase operating room utilization.

Better Patient Care
+ Ensure that equipment is available and safe for care delivery, at all times.
+ Optimize staff-oriented workflows and focus on patient care.
+ Maximize staff time spent with patients.

Enhanced Safety
+ Keep watch of staff, patients, infants, and assets 7×24 across the hospitals.
+ Detect any unauthorized movements of assets from the exit doors.
+ Prevent baby kidnapping and mother-baby mismatch.
+ Save staff with one button.

Advanced Patient Experience
+ Track and trace each step of the patient from admission to discharge.
+ Create smooth patient flow.
+ Reduce idle waiting times of patients.